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Happy Now

I’m happy and no one can stop me. Where were you, when I needed a shoulder to rest on?...

The Broken Cutlass

The Gallows tree, the two dollar note tell the tales Of the hanging noose in front of the old...

Jamaica, Land We Love

Where I live the sun shines bright, The birds chirp in harmony at daylight. The wind blows soothingly all...

Hello Girl

DCS: Hi, the name I have to share is Smith, with you this adventure I’m ready to share with....


You’ve never cheated on a test paper, but you cheated on me, I guess it felt better. You said...

Selfie Queen

So you flaunt your nakedness on Facebook and attract sexual comments online. Yet you want to convince me that...

In the Mornings

When I awake in the mornings, it’s always dark outside But there’s a light in my head, my guide,...

She’s Still My Queen

My queen graces the track like equine beauty with sheer athleticism. Her powerful physique sanctions her arrival among the...

If the Cap Fits

A journalist said Justin Gatlin made a mistake and Bolt capitalised on it Justin did make a mistake he...
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