Glad It’s Done

I woke up this morning, I didn’t know who won.

Either one or the other but was glad it was done.

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

The taste of bitterness, or savory sweet.


The balance of power switched sides again.

A different side of the coin that was flipped, the same domain.



Only time will tell what the difference will be.

Just the ones who ran for office, will immediately see.

And the die hearted, they feel it the most.

Because their leader, will or will not be the host.

 But I know better, been around long enough.


Nothing really gets better for most of us.

The ringing of bells, if you bet on green.

The world’s now a better place from what they’ve seen.

 But those who backed orange, they are now seeing red.

Very disappointed, they hold their heads.

But it is what it is, give the new guys a try.

It is one Jamaica, or is that a lie?

Life goes on the same no matter the hue

Poverty for some, wealth for a few.


Rohan Goldsmith © 26/02/16

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