We go forward in time; we cannot go back.

Perhaps if we could, we’d continually backtrack.

You can wait on the right time, but it won’t wait on you.

Cause if you missed it, it’s gone, and there’s nothing you can do.


Each day is an opportunity, another open door.

poemsTo make your life better, not to even the score.

Today is always here, tomorrow just out of reach.

Yesterday is just a memory, but there are lessons it can teach.

Grow older, grow wiser or perhaps die young.

But make every breath a passion, burning in the lung.

As time surges forward and drags you for the ride.


You may see things differently from another side.

So judge if you want, you may never know.

When it’s your turn on the stand, that weakness may just show.

Rohan goldsmith © 2/1/16

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