Her Own Lies

She closes her eyes, holds back the tears no one can see
And uses her smiles to mask the pain she walks with daily

No one knows the care she takes to keep the hurt inside
Far away from the scorn and judgement of prying eyes

Making excuses that mend nothing torn or even shattered
She holds the struggles within and still remains battered

Her flesh has seen too many blows that heal with time
But the words cut deep and he knows just where to slice


It is her eyes that hold the truth but nobody looks close
Because to them it’s just a stare but to her, it’s a hearse

Carrying all the tears that she holds back from the world
Wondering where she went wrong to be somebody’s fool

As the make-up never seems enough to hide the naked truth
Because she walks around with the load of her own excuse

Is there a way to pack and leave without ever looking back?
But his threats are so real and the running would never stop

She hears the door slam; he screams and enters her path
Without an escape she freezes, waiting to feel his wrath

Not knowing his reasons or even how to make him calm
Frozen long before he reaches, she panics in total alarm

Her heart sounds rhythms of rapid beats, no one can hear
And she only awaits the certainty of her ever present fear


With angry steps he advances, smashing defensive hands
And rains blows on a helpless body and a broken woman

Her cries meant nothing to him as she screams for mercy
Even though she did nothing wrong for which to be guilty

A child stands looking, holding a doll with tears in her eyes
He looks around and walks away, feels no need to apologize

She runs crying out to a mother who thanks her in her mind
And yet again she vows to herself, this will be the last time

Deep down she wants to let go and release him of his ties
Yet every time he hits her, she still believes her own lies

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet – Visit his Facebook Page HERE

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Oakley Lyle

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet - Visit his Facebook Page HERE