God Made You Special

The bell rang loudly across the compound as you looked
On with the protective favour of parents steering us
Into a mass of devotional beings

Our first lesson: To give thanks within your guidance
Setting the tone for the blessings from a greater power
And the sacrifice of self and peers

It never crossed my mind that you wrestled each day
With the weight of your troubles as your commitment
Made the difference in my journey

Yet you coated the pain of your personal struggles well
With a smile and determination to dutifully carve me
Into something more than I knew


poemsMy many questions found the answers from your lips
With unyielding authority and ease as you nurtured
The finest part of me to grow

You strengthened my weaknesses, lessening my bother
With your knowledge and experience and always giving
Your boundless patience and care

I now stand on the outside looking in as your body changes
And time takes toll on you with less favour than you gave
Of yourself throughout the years

The smile stays unchanged, herding a more youthful faction
That sparks a difference in a generational gap as you become
A student, learning to adapt

But you remain unchanged by their many cynical attitudes
Because you see potential while others see a wasted lot
Of imbeciles knocking on society’s door

It is not the syllabus that prepares them but your warmth
That ignites an ambition to belong to the relevant numbers
And redefines their path with purpose

Your burden is heavy as before and you still mask the pain
Of a personal load while I view your reality and passionate
Choice to make a noted difference

You are indeed special and I am still in awe of the fabric
From which you are made and with each successful step
I see your smile and belief in me

Without you, I would have lost my ambitions to be different
In a world that treats the ill-equipped with absolute scorn
Thankfully, God made you special

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet – Visit his Facebook Page HERE

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Oakley Lyle

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet - Visit his Facebook Page HERE