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Ode to Christiana

The eerie call of the seductive wind, howling it’s deceptive charm with distant pride As it wraps the mangled...

A Broken Heart

A broken heart can never hold the heavy tears that flow from weary eyes Where justice is swept like...


Reality I loved the dark I slept at dawn, For in the light I was scared For I’m a...

Our Golden Girl

OUR GOLDEN GIRL (The PurpleHeart Tribute) In a glorious roar, her subjects stood in awe As she smashed through...

Forever A Legend

FOREVER A LEGEND (The PurpleHeart Tribute) If I could walk a mile in the thousands that he has run,...

A Jealous Rage

He stands, watching her from across the street in a fit of jealous rage With the spiteful hatred of...

Father’s Day

The definition of father for Father’s day is  A man who takes responsibility for his kids Regardless of his...

The Affair

She finds herself mesmerized by his touch and with each gentle stroke of his hands on her skin, he...

God Made You Special

The bell rang loudly across the compound as you looked On with the protective favour of parents steering us...
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