Real Life Horror Movie

This reads like a nightmare 

Or a horror movie

A Dean Koontz novel

Or a Stephen King you see


But It’s just the morning papers

Or the nightly newscast

No Hollywood effects

It’s a live broadcast

If you love horror flicks

Now here’s a first-hand view

But you can’t turn it off


Or stop the camera crew

You are told to stay calm

But what you’re hearing is ‘run’

But where to flee to

The odds are you’ll be shunned

Plus how would you get there

On a plane or a ship?

Nobody wants to travel

Cancelling all the trips


The buzz word is ‘lockdown’

Here’s another ‘quarantine’

Two more, ‘Isolation’

‘Covid 19’

So you’ve learned 

To wash your hands

For much longer than you thought

And everybody panics 

When they hear a cough

The run on the shops


To stock up on goods

To stay hunkered down

Wanna move to the woods

Or in an underground bunker

Impenetrable and sealed

Until the dust blows over 

And everything is healed

People mixing concoctions

Saying, “This is the cure”

When it’s more likely to kill you


Before the virus reached your door

If you lived on an Island

And thought you were safe

Then a plane landed

And fly the flood gates

But there is no need to worry

We all won’t die

Just the old and vulnerable

“But that could be I”

Stay calm, look at the statistics


It’s a small death rate

Unless you fall in the category

Then you’d be in dire straits

Rohan Goldsmith © 14-3-2020

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