Dear Ms. Lou

Dear Ms Lou, mi deh yah a wandah how ebreyting?
Fah mi jus git up wid yu pon mi mine dis maanin

Tings change sumuch dass mi nuh know wey fi staat
But yu tek a seat deh, while mi bleed out mi hawt

Imagine wen mi sey “Ring Ding” or “Ms. Lou”, dem stare pon mi
Like mi a talk bout some ainshent sitten or mek-bileeve sumady

Even di bandana, wey yu mek famous as a cultural item
Still a cause contravacy an still a puzzle some a dem


Anyway, mi affi tell yu di way tings change sumuch
How ebreyting fun gone an lef games like candy crush

Pawliment tun one piece a pappy show ting, day in an dat out
As dem ongly go in deh fi chat pare rubbish outta dem mout

All now wi still a wondah how dem nuh name yu a national hero yet
But it seems like ebreyting good is denied by dem dutty politics

Yu membah how wi use to play maable, gig, hop scatch an such games
Dem deh tings gone mah, an wah dem a do wudda put yu to shame

But mi biggest complain nowadays, a sey patwa a get a fite
An nuh matta how wi try, mose peeple tink fi talk it jus nuh rite

Yu know sey a few peeple inna Jamaica really practice fi talk
Di real way wey yu teach it suh wi can appreciate it as an art?

If a laff a dead Ms Lou, fah dem nowadays fashan yah a spwile
Dem all a wear panse pan b**ty jaw a call it swag, sey a style


But mi deh yah a hol di fait missis an a do di likkle wah mi can do
Fah nuh care how mi try, fi mi vurse dem cyaa sweet like fi yu

Du mi a beg yu fi hail up Maas Ron an Uncle Charles deh fi mi
Fah mi deh yah try a ting fi kip alive oonu well deserved legacy

Suh until mi get a chance fi write again an pap labrish tell yu
Mi still a gwaan cuss dem out fi declare yu a national folk hero!

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All rights reserved

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet – Visit his Facebook Page HERE

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Oakley Lyle

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet - Visit his Facebook Page HERE