Pause… Breathe easy…
Take your time even if you’re busy.
Step back, don’t be afraid – this isn’t a setback.
Pause… Breathe easy…

God promised to be with you in trouble.
He’ll reward your commitment, he’ll make it double.
Breathe easy.

poemsIn the state of anxiety, he’ll make you His priority.
The absence of an immediate change for your circumstance
doesn’t mean that He won’t take His stance.

A stance to support your failures.
He’ll defend you – for your obedience.
A stance against abuse – your experience,
Breathe easy.


Time isn’t running out, that’s your patience.
Report to the angel in charge, give him your statements.

The troubles of this world – don’t fear them.
God will protect you, He’ll protect his gem.

Close the book of uncertainty, throw it in the fire
and burn the pages of anxiety… relax and breathe…
Breathe easy.

By Daron Chosen Smith  

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