Soldiers Roaming the Streets

poemsMo-Bay will be Mo-Bay long after the streets are cleared of guns and ammunition but is there a system put in place to keep it clean?

A state of emergency should only be the breathing space needed to mop up the filth and to deploy a permanent sanitation team. If that is not done it’s a waste of time.

Who will maintain the calm
When they are all gone?
Back to their barracks
With their fear and respect.

Wonderful to see them release
Men in army fatigues,
Roaming the streets at nights
Glow in old Montego-Bay lights


It feels like a traitorous mission,
With all the gun men missing
And looks like a disaster zone
For the streets are theirs alone.

State of emergency exposes 
The ineptness the constabulary force imposes
Is the bankruptcy of the political leaders
In a vacuum of law and order.

Lawlessness and tyranny strives,
In a wanton waste of innocent lives
But the victims are always the same
Are those who vote to put them there?

Keep them busy to keep the peace
For dispute the stat, killing does not cease 
But for how long will this break last?
Will they be here when forever pasts?

Can the police maintain the calm?
When they are all gone
With their fear and respect
As the politicians decide the effect.

Our citizens are more at ease,
Guidance to each of these
Love my Montego-Bay, no matter what,
Just clean up the mess and keep it at that.

Now they need an upgraded jail
For the gun toting men that prevail
Who doesn’t understand life:
Thou shall not kill thy brethren 
The golden rule from heaven.


By Franklin Douglas

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