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  • January 10, 2016 at 10:08 AM

    ..the issue of ” bad gas : in Jamaica is an issue that cannot be glossed over with tales of contaminants by minister paulwell..it is a much larger issue..Jamaicans need to be made aware of the destructive qualities of ethanol added gaseline….in Jamaica that is E10 87 and 90…it was forced upon the Jamaican public by the very minister who is now ” investigating ” bad gas…when E10 was introduced claims were made that it would be cheaper and cleaner..those claims are unfounded.no alternative was offered..such as leadfree 87 and premium….most vehicles in Jamaica are designed to run on unleaded…not E10…what is happening is that E10 is slowly corroding away your fuel systems costing you many thousands of dollars in repairs..some of us,i am an engineer,know this..most Jamaicans are unaware of it…mr paulwell is only paying lip service to this issue..he is covering up the root cause of the problem…E10 itself…my website #jamaicabadgas will explain in full….happy reading..x


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