Oshaine “Sketcher” Montaque

ART, in its purest form, captures the eye, impresses its viewers and inspires us in many ways.

And when teenAGE (Jamaica Observer) spoke with artist Oshaine Montaque, also known as Sketch, he told us all about his talent.

“I sketch because I love it and God gave me a talent in which I should not waste. It is just wonderful to see people amazed by my work. That brings joy to my heart and inspires me to continue”.

“I started sketching when I was in grade 8 at Pembroke Hall High School. Friends and family loved my work and always told me to keep doing what I do. To never give up on my dreams because one day I will make it big in life.”

Now 25, Montaque has accomplished much in popular culture. His artwork is promoted through the media especially in the music field. His sketches are found in music videos such as Konshens, Buss A Blank; RDX, Turn Your Swag Up; Ras Oneilly, Cry For Your Love; and West Pines Riddim Medley where G-Whizz has a sketch portrait on his T-shirt.

Oshaine Montaque Jamaican sketchesAs an artist he not only uses paper as his only material to do his art, but he also has a T-shirt line.

“Currently I have four designs for my clothing line and hope to get more exposure for it. I also design sketch portraits on T-shirts, which comes as a package.”

It is always good to try something new because it can become a skill. Apart from sketching, Oshaine has an interest in airbrush art where he creates designs on cars, bikes and T-shirts.

“Kerwayne Smith from Trelawny was the one who inspired me in the field (airbrush), which I am most thankful for.”

As for Montaque: “In upcoming years, I want to have my own business where persons can come in and order sketches, T-shirts and other art that they desire and I also hope to have my art even more popular in the music industry.”

As for the costs of sketches it is mostly dependent on the size and time it takes to complete each portrait, but prices can be negotiated.

To contact Montaque, for those special moments you want in a sketch, you can:

Follow him on Twitter @skecth211

Email him at [email protected]

BBM pin — 22F6A389  

Call him: DIGICEL: 368-6546 LIME: 310-3443




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