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The Jamaican Blogs™  is a website that provides articles on a variety of topics from a Jamaican perspective. These include blogs,  news, short stories, poems and MUCH more.

This site was founded with the primary intention of being a place where people of all nationalities and beliefs can come to voice their opinions on topics and happenings in Jamaica and also learn about our culture.

We provide a wonderful mash up of a variety of articles that are sure to appeal to a wide variety of folks.

Please bookmark our site and visit us daily.


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alvin linton
8 years ago

A great article,great blog, I have a website http://www.lintonglobalinc.org, would love to ‘link’ up

Patrick Raikes
Patrick Raikes
3 years ago

Stumbled across the site…after searching something about Xyamaca…! Found it quite interesting…!!

Bryan Birnse
Bryan Birnse
1 year ago

The citizenship test needs to be corrected and updated.

  1. Portia Simpson Miller is not the current prime minister.
  2. Q # 28 Norman is misspelt.