Mojiba Romanetti


M.O.J.I.B.A. Mirrors Of Jah Infinite Beauty Ascends; is a profound, spiritual and a very

highly Kreativ passionate soul.She strives on reminding humanity of their Greatness and

shares her wisdomthe Power of Love. She in cooperates poetry in her public talks, which

makes her even more extraordinary.She’s considered a writerholic. A freelance spiritual

creative writer,journalist,High Poetess. I am an inspirational Model, Speaker,Write & Heal

Therapist, Actress, Make-up artist and much more ! My father is Count Ossie, a Jamaican

born, Cultural Reggae Musical pioneer, he was the founder of the Mystic Revelation of

Rastafari. Count Ossie was largely responsible for opening the doors for Reggae Music

worldwide.I am currently seeking sponsorship for my first book series; Mojiba Iamlove.The

1st Volume is about Count Ossie & my life’s journey. Mojiba MOTIVATES to Elevate!You’ll

find yourself within realms you didn’t know existed; when you encounter M.O.J.I.B.A.

Wadada- Uhuru-Umoja !


Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

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