We Are Jamaicans


I love my island Jamaica and show that pride everywhere I go. This is why nothing would please me more than to have our island back to the way it used to be, the way my grandparents said it was. That’s taking it way back.

Some of my people are undoubtedly brainwashed and lost, and it’s also unfortunate that as much as some run around claiming to be proud Jamaicans, many have no pride in our country at all. Some of the things they engage in are so lewd and violent, I can’t help wondering where they’re hiding their pride. Having pride in our country should be an everyday undertaking-not just every four years during the Olympics.

On a whole we Jamaicans are friendly people, so why all the killing is a mystery to me. Poverty is blamed frequently but that’s a lame excuse. I just want us to go back to the simple life, the life where everyone shares whatever they have with those in need, while losing the envy for their neighbors possessions. Just imagine the change that would come if we began to  show more respect for human life.

We are a people who will cook a one pot and make sure to check if the neighbor down the lane needs some food.

We are a people who will look out for the children going to and from school just to make sure they’re safe.
We are a people who will run and hide if we have a spliff and see mommy or another elder coming our way. We have nuff respect for our elders.
We are a people who will never deny GOD, because we were brought up in church and know the powers.
We are a people who know that blue makes clothes white.
We are a people who know that we don’t need Ajax when we have ashes. Shine up the dutchie.
We are a people who can use Bay Rum and cure everything.
We are a people who know how to use a juice carton and score goals.
We are a people who can find use for every ounce of the coconut, from the tree to the fruit.
We are a people who have a herbal cure for every ailment.
We are a people who can make chicken back and dumpling fit for Queen Elizabeth’s palate.
We are a people who can feed a village with one bunch of callaloo, a coconut, one breadfruit and a pear.
We are a people who can train a bobsled team with just a homemade push cart, and qualify for the winter Olympics.
We are a people who can hit you with our music and you feel no pain.
We are a people who can coin any phrase and have the whole world using it, even when they have no idea the meaning.
We are a people who will tell you “no problem” and mean it.
We are a people who name our children Sandra and Delroy but call them Erica and Tony.
We are a people who say “good morning” and “good evening” when passing someone in the street.
We ARE a loving people…………………………….a we seh “One Love”… 

Raping children and murdering families, bleaching our skin and robbing the elderly is not us. It’s not the Jamaican spirit- at least it’s not supposed to be. We are one love, the type who come together in a crisis to help each other. We are the communities who support our football and netball teams, as well as our local artistes and help them buss. We are the people who can spot one of ours anywhere in the world just by the way they walk, stand or ‘suck’ dem teeth.We Jamaicans are unique, and all eyes are on us.

Let’s make it grand!

-Shilo M. Evans
(From my book “Plain & Simple”)

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