17-Yr-Old Girl Stricken With Cancer Cured After Drinking Marvellous Water (VIDEO)

One 17-year-old Jamaican girl was miraculously cured of cervical cancer after drinking Marvellous Water Colloidal Silver.

The teenager, Oshane Beal of Granville, St. James was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the latter part of 2013, after doing a pap smear test at the Granville Health Centre, following the arrival of her baby.

She was prescribed medication which did not seem to be working. Eventually, a friend of hers, Miss Sharon Wade introduced Miracle water to her and she decided to give it a try.

She purchased a bottle and started taking it.


On the 10th of June, 2014 she returned to the clinic to do a thorough check-up, at which time doctors discovered her cancer was gone.

“She started crying, her mother was crying and everybody was crying tears of joy when they found out that the cancer was no more to be found” states the teenager’s mother.

“Thanks for Miracle water her mother exclaimed! “

Miss Beal is happy to share her story. You may contact her via Facebook (as the fabulous Oshane Beal) or by telephone Tel: 4585210

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