Travellers From Yellow Fever Active Countries to Be Denied Entry to Jamaica

Persons from countries currently identified as being Yellow Fever Active by the World Health Organization will not be granted entry to the island unless they can provide proof of a Yellow Fever vaccination ten days prior to arrival.

This follows recent outbreaks of yellow fever in certain parts of Africa and South America.

The Ministry of Health recently stated that travellers from yellow fever-endemic countries and those currently experiencing active transmission should show proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Several passengers on a flight from Panama were reportedly denied entry to Jamaica yesterday because they were not vaccinated.


Yellow fever begins after an incubation period of three to six days.

Most cases only cause a mild infection with fever, headache, chills, back pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting. In these cases, the infection lasts only three to four days.

However, in 15 percent of cases, people enter a second, toxic phase of the disease with recurring fever, this time accompanied by jaundice due to liver damage, as well as abdominal pain.

Bleeding in the mouth, the eyes, and the gastrointestinal tract will cause vomit containing blood. There may also be kidney failure, hiccups, and delirium.

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