(VIDEO) Budget Debate Halts as JLP Members Walk Out Following Opposition Leader’s Critique of PM’s Wife’s Role

L-R: Opposition Leader Mark Golding, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Everald Warmington

Tuesday’s budget debate session in Jamaica’s House of Representatives came to an abrupt halt after members of the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) staged a walkout.

The dramatic exit was triggered by comments made by opposition leader Mark Golding, specifically addressing House Speaker Juliet Holness, wife of Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Golding, in his closing remarks during the debate, sparked controversy by questioning the impartiality of having the Prime Minister’s spouse serve as the House Speaker, citing concerns over a perceived conflict of interest.

He emphasised the importance of upholding the tradition of having an independent Speaker to maintain trust and integrity within the parliamentary process.


This critique evidently struck a nerve within the JLP ranks, prompting Prime Minister Holness and other government members to exit the chamber in protest.

Tensions escalated further as exchanges between opposition and government members ensued, particularly involving Everald Warmington, a notable figure in the JLP who initially left the session but later returned.

Deputy House Speaker Heroy Clarke, presiding over the session, recognised the lack of a quorum following the departures, subsequently announcing the adjournment of the proceedings. 

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