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Four Mega Anti-Vaxxer Communes And Mass Grave Sites Across Jamaica- Jamaican Political Genius!

Jamaican military helicopters hovered overhead.  News media personnel were caught up in the crush as they scrambled to record and report the unbelievable scenes. The security forces on the ground battled the relentless, surging anti-vaxxer mob intent on entering the commune. 

It was an overwhelming mass of bodies. Some naked, others half-clad, and yet others pristinely dressed in their best Sunday church attire. People lay on the ground screaming, helpless, as the rabid crowd nonchalantly crushed them. It was mayhem. As though intoxicated the frenzied crowd rapidly swelled. Not even the superhuman effort by the vastly outnumbered and completely overwhelmed security forces could restore order.

Three Free Meals A Day And An Occasional Shower

Finally, it seemed, the politicians in Jamaica had come up with a brilliant plan that appealed to a large swath of the Jamaican population.  Having opened these four Mega anti-vaxxer communes, the politicians promised three meals a day, a place to take an occasional shower, and a mass burial site for those who succumbed from COVID-19.  


There were no mask wearing requirements.  Everyone entering the communes had vowed not to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  They agreed to the politicians’ proposal that no treatment would be offered for any illness.  However, those who died would, at no cost be quickly buried in mass graves.

The Power Of No Advertising And Rare Raw Jamaican Political Genius

After more than a year in which they used every possible and available resource to persuade, cajole, and encourage Jamaicans to acknowledge the severity of COVID-19 the politicians from both sides of the isle were in full agreement on this novel plan.  They decided against advertising or issuing news bulletins and instead depended on word of mouth among the Jamaican populous to garner support.  The success of the program was beyond even their wildest imagination.

Impotent And Irrelevant Societies And Their Abysmal Disconnect

The Justice for Jamaicans Society, Rights of Jamaican Humans Society, the Fair Treatment of The Living, and the Pro Murder of Innocent Jamaicans society were livid about this approach by the politicians to the management of COVID-19.  Marauding, heartless gunmen, they consistently insisted were free to wantonly kill other innocent Jamaicans and not expect, when found guilty, to be put to death for their illegal behaviour.  Jamaicans had a right to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine and consciously decide to die from COVID-19.  They should not however, they clamoured, be enticed by politicians to do so! And this unfair treatment of the poor was gross and dastardly they insisted.

We Have Our Own Voice And Choose Death With Dignity

Meanwhile the anti-vaxxers demanded these ill-informed societies and their clueless leaders not speak on their behalf.  “Where have you been through all these years when we suffered daily hunger, nakedness, unbearable fear at the hands of gunmen, and disregard and neglect by our political representatives”?  Having suffered so much the anti-vaxxers proclaimed there is nothing left to lose.  Church leaders who had over the years fleeced many of these, now at their wits end Jamaicans, called prayer vigils.


They suggested a week of prayer, fasting and national repentance.  The pleas of the previously impotent societies, and the self-serving ministers of religion fell on deaf ears.  Three free meals a day some among the anti-vaxxers screamed.  We have never had it this good for a long, long, time.  Others expressed their bewilderment at this new and overwhelming sense of freedom, and finally the ability to determine their own future.  So, if we die independent thinkers and decision makers, happy, and well fed, let that be on us they demanded.


Mass Communication Media Coverage Provide Free Advertising And Fuelled The Communes’ Appeal

It was only a matter of days before the inevitable happened. The Omicron variant of COVID-19, with its short incubation period, and high infectivity, like a rapidly spreading fire, quickly ravaged these Mega anti-vaxxer sites.  The mass grave had to be frequently enlarged.  News of the exponential rising deaths acted like a magnet for new arrivals to the Mega anti-vaxxer communes. 

This new experiment and its overwhelming uptake by the Jamaican population blared on all available avenues of mass communication.  This provided extensive and free advertising for the politicians’ new experiment! Meanwhile, impotent, the irrelevant society leaders ratcheted up multiple fold the decibels of their alarm over Jamaicans making their own choice and deciding to die peacefully and well fed.  Church leaders were in utter consternation as their members died in droves while offerings and other member donations rapidly dwindled.

Massive Vaccination Uptake By The Jamaican Populace

Many Jamaicans previously averse to being vaccinated began demanding access to vaccines, overwhelming the vaccination sites and resources politicians had rolled out. Fights began to break out as people demanded short waiting times, and immediate vaccinations. 

Fuses were short, and impatience abounded. Elderly employers were getting calls from previously reluctant younger employees explaining their reticence at the delay in vaccines becoming available to them.  Larger employers started fielding lawsuits from their employees demanding vaccination sites be set up at the workplace. Politicians’ offices were overwhelmed by calls from constituents and voters demanding more efficient and easily accessible vaccination sites. 

Neighbours started insisting their neighbours become vaccinated against COVID-19 to allow for a rapid return to normalcy in the society.  They bemoaned the significant damage to the Jamaican tourist industry and the Jamaican economy.  Others spoke fervently in defence of healthcare workers being unnecessarily exposed by taking care of those thoughtless, and ignorantly resisting COVID-19 vaccination.  Still others expressed distress and disgust there were limitations on overseas travel. Jamaicans love to travel to foreign, and especially to America.  Those in the entertainment sector were distraught over the loss of income and the death of frivolity.

A Still Divided Jamaica


A fracture soon began to develop among the craven Jamaican politicians over the impressive success of this COVID-19 policy.  Initially in support of the program some now began to lament the escalating number of COVID-19 deaths.  Others were worried the opposition party would gain political advantage because of the overwhelming uptake in those seeking vaccinations. 

Some frowned on the unfavourable perception of Jamaica in the international media.  Still others were concerned that the Jamaican economy would soon rebound, and surpass baseline, as vaccination penetration in the country was almost 90%.  The vociferous puerile, sterile, irrelevant societies remained boisterous even as police killings and the murder of innocent Jamaicans plummeted to world shattering lows.  Jamaica, unbelievably, proudly, now claimed, sole ownership, by a larger margin, the lowest murder rate in the entire world!

Wake UP!

Suddenly an irresistible cold washed over me. I observed my wife walking away with a very large bucket in her hand. She was mumbling loudly. “I was worried about your safety, and despite everything I did you failed to respond.”

Guest Author: Wright

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