How Can My Resolution Of Being Loyal Succeed? Please Help Me Love Doctor

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I want to settle down, but how do I keep my New Year’s resolution of sticking to tunnel vision with any woman I become involved with in 2022?

Peter, Westmoreland

Love Doctor’s Answer:

Love Doctor MontiThis is a terrific breakthrough by you. Instead of monkey branching you wish to make personal progress and start respecting ladies that you become romantically involved with.


Your aim to spark positive change is taking the right step towards personal development, so your intentions of being faithful are commendable.

Despite making aspirations for 2022 with New Year’s resolutions, often people struggle to maintain their dreams. As you have been disloyal in the past then you need to be mentally and physically stronger going forward.

I suggest that you fully prepare for this impending change, as altering your bad habits can be tricky. We all learn from our mistakes, so you should consider what exactly has prompted this New Year’s resolution as it will be more than wishing to settle down. Maybe it has been made because of peer pressure or you have simply realised what you lost in 2021 and are broken-hearted.

You need to work out how you will quantify your progress while you remain single. Ensure that this is a gradual change to make it a smooth transition. So stop eyeing up/chatting up lots of ladies and hedging your bets on who to date. Best to stick to one woman at a time.

You would be surprised how often New Year goals are set then totally ignored, especially when it is a matter of the heart. But as you have set this resolution and there is value in achieving this specific goal, then you must stick to your guns with this self improvement.

There is no puzzle to solve, you simply need to tackle any potential problems such as a wandering eye. Knowing the consequences of being a love rat, and how people will view you as such, should help you to stay devoted to your resolution.

The rewards that you can reap from being faithful far outweigh being a player, and your goal of settling down can become a reality.


When you make that lady genuinely feel special and protect her by putting her on a pedestal, above all other women, then in return you will be blessed as she will love you back.

Only a real man will learn and appreciate how wonderful love and romance is when he is totally devoted and able to just love one lady with all of his heart. That woman then becomes his best friend and soul mate, which should lead to settling down.

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