Five Facts About Casinos You Probably Didn’t Know

Casinos, whether it be online or on-land, play host to some of the nation’s favourite pastimes.

If you fancy playing a few hands of Poker, racing the dealer to 21, or spinning across a set of reels – then it’s never been easier than in this modern age. With online casinos offering exciting welcoming bonuses such as a free spins no deposit promotion when you join – and land-based casinos enticing players to come in with the buzzing atmosphere and glorious architecture.

Since the first known gambling house opened its doors in Venice in 1638, the popularity of casinos has continued to grow – and from big social gatherings, to your smartphone – the gaming industry is constantly thriving. 

If you love the casino experience, then read on to unearth five fun facts about casino gaming that you probably didn’t know.


Fact #1:

You might have known that the first casino can be tracked back to Italy, but did you know that the term ‘casino’ originates from the Italian word ‘casa’, meaning ‘house’. The term was then developed to identify a number of establishments such as summerhouses and social clubs – hence the evolution into how it’s used today.

Fact #2:

The Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas has played host to the biggest sum won on a slot machine. A software engineer from Los Angeles placed a bet of $100.00 on Megabucks and walked away with a whopping $39.7 million. Now that’s what dreams are made of!

Fact #3:

The longest game of Poker lasted eight years, five months and three days. Imagine spending eight years in the basement of a theatre with only occasional sleep and comfort breaks! Well, in 1881, legend has it that this is just what happened, and $10,000,000 changed hands.

 Fact #4:


Robert Maxwell, a controversial figure during the 1980s, loved playing Roulette. One evening at Les Ambassadeurs Club in Mayfair, however, he managed to lose £1.5 million in three minutes – which makes him the world’s biggest Roulette loser. Perhaps this taught him not to play three tables at once – but as a multi-millionaire, it’s likely he just tried again.

Fact #5:

One man sold everything and bet it on a single Roulette spin. If you remember the 2004 UK television series Double or Nothing, then you might remember the episode with Ashely Revell, a professional gambler, who sold all his possessions at car boot sales and auctions with the plans to spend his earnings on a single spin. He eventually raised £135,300, leaving him with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Then, he placed everything on red on the wheel at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and as the audience held their breath to discover whether Revell’s plans had been brave or stupid, the wheel slowly stopped on the red number seven pocket. Thankfully, Revell left with £270,600 – and the original footage is available to watch for your enjoyment.

Casinos are dripping with history, stories and facts, so there is no wonder they continue to amuse and entertain the millions. There are so many chances to win big at brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as online – but remember to only bet as much as you are willing to lose.

The excitement, thrill and anticipation of the atmosphere and everything else that comes with gaming is undoubtedly why the industry continues to thrive.

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