Dear Black Men

Dear Black Men,

Today, we go marching against the injustices of a tyrannical system that has continuously broken and torn us down. A system so corrupted and loaded with prejudices against everything we represent and stand for.

Today, we challenge a system that has forced us to kneel, in submission, to it’s mockery and forced us to glorify a flag, coded with white supremacy. A flag that bears no truth in its colours, though we were taught to glorify and show reverence to it out of loyalty.

Today, we have chosen to stand up but this time not to stay motionless, waiting for a change. It is a stance to take action against the oppression and hate of a system controlled by ideologies of social, political and economic reach.


Today, we seek more than just equality but also the right to hold onto the indomitable spirits of our ancestors; the beautifully forged soul of our heritage; and the right to be recognised as a part of a country that our sweat and blood have built.

Today, the fire within us is used to ignite the cold and unlit spirits of those who were broken or had lost hope in fighting a system that was only meant to divide our race into scattered fragments of battered bodies and chained minds.

Today, we march through the streets to claim our victory in solidarity with all shades of the black man, in owning the right to speak; the right to belong; the right to be respected; the right to be appreciated; the right to be be free; and more so, the right to breathe.

Today, we march not only for ourselves but for the memories of the blood drenched toils of our forefathers; the future of our born and unborn seeds; and the presence of our women who are builders, facilitators, nurturers, warriors and guides.

Today, let’s not forget that we march because we learnt to be strong; we learnt to fight back; we learnt to stand up; we learnt to push forward; we learnt to win battles; and we learnt to stay committed, all because our queens were our first protectors.

Today, remember that our queens deserve our adoration and as we march without fear, let us believe in ourselves, going forward into battle. We must be heard and if they won’t hear us, let’s keep the fires burning until they are no longer numb to our cries and pleas.

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Oakley Lyle is an author and poet – Visit his Facebook Page HERE

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Oakley Lyle

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet - Visit his Facebook Page HERE

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