Is Ching Pow: Far East Yardies Essential Viewing?

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Ching Pow: Far East Yardies is a Jamaican Kung Fu hybrid from the comedy duo Twin of Twins (Patrick and Paul Gaynor), which has been described as a must-see event in Jamaica.

The film, which takes inspiration from a 1987 Taiwanese low-budget martial arts trilogy called Ninja Death also incorporates stand-up comedy, reggae, and karaoke. This results in a highly entertaining spectacle. Initially shown at the Theatre Place in New Kingston, the movie then went on to make its rounds across the island. It is sure to earn a second run, and then will probably be rolled out to an international audience.

Why you Should Watch Ching Pow: Far East Yardies

You don’t need to be a fan of kung fu or martial arts to enjoy this new picture from director Bruce Hart. In fact, the film will appeal to fans of the Gaynor brothers who are known for their self-mocking and off-colour humour. Twin of Twins provide all the voices for the main characters within the movie. Hart chose the twins to star in it because he believes they are great at reflecting Jamaican culture but they are also able to put a satirical spin on the characters and the attitude on the island.

The film produced by Rocket Jamaica came about after Hart had seen the US TV series Kung Faux, which is known for reworking famous scenes from the genre and adding dubbing and special effects. The director went for Ninja Death because he believed the trilogy had enough great material to work with. The charisma of the twins helped make the dubbing perfect, and Hart realised that reggae music matched perfectly with the punching and kicking of the fight scenes. The hilarity of this concoction makes it essential viewing, but people should also check it out because nothing like this has ever been done before.

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For the many people who remember and adore the martial arts classics of the 1970s and 1980s, Ching Pow: Far East Yardies is essential viewing. For people who just love Jamaican comedy, it is well worth checking out.

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