Would More Casino Tourism Be Good For Jamaica’s Economy?

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The tourism industry in Jamaica is thriving and, in 2016, the annual tourist arrivals in the country surpassed its population. The country welcomes around 3.5 million people each year but Minister of Tourism and Entertainment at the time Dr Wykeham McNeil said that there is still plenty of room for growth on the island. One sure-fire way to massively increase the number of visitors to the country would be to follow in the footsteps of places like Macau and offer up a wider range of casino options.

Casino Industry is Continuously on the Rise

The casino industry is one of the most buoyant sectors on the planet and, in 2016, land-based casinos alone raked in $450 billion worldwide. Add to that the fact that the online gaming market is projected to be worth $59.79 billion in 2020, and it gives you an impression of the money-making potential of gambling. Online casinos exist in such abundance now that there is huge competition between operators to provide the best offers and promotions.

The online casino sector attracts a large portion of new players who may have never even visited a land-based casino before. After getting to grips with the games in an online setting, a lot of these people would then seek out casino experiences in the real world. When looking for ways to play casino games, why not combine it with an opportunity to have a holiday in an idyllic location? This is part of the reason why Las Vegas and Macau pull in so many visitors, and Jamaica could look to emulate these gambling hotspots.

Could Jamaica Become a Casino Hotspot?

The potential for Jamaica to rival places like Macau is plain to see. The Asian gambling hub is a mere 30 square kilometres, while the Caribbean island is over 10,000. Despite being small, Macau attracts around 31 million visitors each year and boasts far more impressive numbers than Jamaica in this regard. Certainly, if the country could offer up its amazing scenery and relaxing lifestyle as well as a number of extravagant gambling houses, there would be another element to attract tourists.

While there are only a handful of casinos on Jamrock at the moment, the ones that are there, such as Mosino and the Club Jamaica Gaming Lounge, have proved extremely popular. Some of the country’s gambling houses are grouped together in the New Kingston area, and this could be the ideal location for more to sprout up and turn the spot into a gambling hub. The Caribbean even has its own form of stud poker, which could be an interesting and unique selling point to attract the huge amount of worldwide poker fans to the country.

Jamaica is already thriving from tourism but adding ways to boost that further is undoubtedly good for the economy. With the annual revenue from gambling continuing to grow each year, turning Jamrock into a gambling hub could be a great way to attract a greater number of visitors each year.

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