Twin of Twins’ Patrick ‘Curly Lox’ Gaynor Stirs Things Up with THE ROAD TO ZION

“This is no joke.” That is Curly Lox’s declaration when asked about his autobiography, The Road to Zion, published by Ghetto People Publishing in Kingston.

The memoir is unlike anything else coming out of the dancehall space and the artiste is very careful to warn readers that this is another side to him. “The people know my face but not my story and they’re about to find out.”

Eight years in the making, the story is a gripping tell-all where Curly Loxshares with readers the painful road to redemption and acceptance that follows on the heels of an immense tragedy—the death of his 6 year old son, Zion, after whom the project is named.

The book is not just an autobiography as Curly Lox takes on several important social issues while giving the reader a glimpse into his past. Among the issues he tackles are:

  • Jamaica’s failed education system.
  • Class prejudice and its impact on the poor in Jamaica.
  • The hidden backstabbing politics of dancehall personalities.
  • Child abuse/corporal punishment and its use as an acceptable means of disciplining children.
  • The challenges of raising children with autism and other special needs.
  • Teenage pregnancy and parenting and the challenges that arise when there is no support system.
  • The loss of a child and the grief that ensues; coping.
  • The overall challenges of growing up in the ghetto and the force of will required to change that reality.
  • Financial intelligence; the importance of saving toward goals.

Known primarily as half of the dynamic duo Twin of Twins whose fame is largely due to their satirical approach to dancehall, many may not expect this side to Curly Lox. Still, more than anything else, he wants his readers to understand that this is a serious book that deals with serious issues. His hope is that the book will pave the way for much needed conversations on these issues that he feels are important to the average Jamaican and most importantly, those in the ghetto who are often unable to speak for themselves.

Head of Ghetto People Publishing, Michael Dawson has high hopes for the project. “We are very proud to have published this powerful book from Patrick. There are a lot of things wrong with our society: the way some people treat their children, our political system, the way we treat the less fortunate in Jamaica – especially the poor and physically challenged. Most people won’t talk about it but Patrick will force our people to start having these conversations – the uncomfortable ones, the painful ones – the conversations we must start having if we are going to make our society better.”

The Road to Zion will be launched during the Kingston Book Fair at Devon House on Saturday March 7, 2015 where there will be copies available on sale and giveaways. Copies will also be available through the book’s official website, Amazon, and local book retailers across the island.

Curly Lox auto biography memoir book Road to Zion

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