Time to Remove Statues of ‘Racist’ Gandhi

Recently the University of Ghana and the Ghanian Foreign Affairs Ministry have sought to remove the statue of Mahatma Ghandi from that university.

I must applaud them because the statue will be removed.

It is widely believed that the hero of India’s quest for independence was offensively racist towards Africans, especially South Africans.

Currently students studying in Africa and Africans living in India are facing racism at all levels.


Just months ago a Nigerian national was killed in India.

Bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Inspiration Park at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus via jamaica-gleaner.com
Bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Inspiration Park at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus via jamaica-gleaner.com

India with its melanin phobia has failed and has been failing to protect people of colour even those visiting the sub continent. Its caste system has stood firm, bearing no difference from an apartheid regime and we cannot ignore that.

The world tends to point the finger at European racism especially that demonstrated in ex colonies and regions where Europeans, especially British, French, Belgian and Portuguese settlers have controlled and expropriated land belonging to other ethnic groups.

What is hardly attacked or criticized is the racism of non Caucasians.

It is an insult to have a statue of this man – Mahatma Gandhi, who is purported to be a supporter of world peace and justice while history has documented his terrible outbursts, insultive attitude and discriminatory behaviour towards people of Africa.

The country does not need statues of selfish, bigoted and ignorant foreign nationals, it needs statues of our freedom fighters such as Paul Bogle, Marcus Garvey, George William Gordon and Sam Sharpe.

Jamaica needs to follow the University of Ghana and remove the statues now located on the University of the West Indies campus grounds and the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Library.


We do not need to stare at image(s) of people who demonstrated hate during their life time.

Yours truly,
Winston Donald
Aboukir, St. Ann

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Winston Donald

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