The Truth Hurts

I see many Jamaicans are upset with the remarks towards Jamaica that were made by Ms. Ashleigh Banfield on CNN following the brutal murder of two American missionaries in Jamaica.

She stated:

It’s astounding to think  that a lot of people think that Jamaica is a paradise but it is an extraordinarily violent country with a remarkable murder rate,

I am appalled at the level of ignorance and illiteracy from the Jamaicans who dare to attack Ms. Banfield for speaking the truth.


The truth is Jamaica is a murderous country, where neither those who govern or those who have sworn to protect can control the elements of evil that has taken over the country.

As a a Jamaican let me say that those who dare to be critical of Ms. Banfield must be living under a rock.

How dare any of you be critical of her when you have yet to hold those who govern and have goverened accountable?

Screenshot via CNN
Screenshot via CNN

You all worship your politicians and political parties, and have yet to hold them accountable, yet you dare to attack Ms. Banfield for speaking the truth?

The hypocrisy, ignorance and illiteracy from some of you speaks volumes.

When several Jamaicans are being murdered on a daily basis, when we are the second most murderous Caribbean country, when we have surpassed the number of days in the year with murders that have been committed, what do we truly expect others to say about us?

To those who wish to curse Ms. Banfield for speaking the truth, while you are doing so, those without hearts are still running rampant and slaughtering innocent Jamaicans.

Do not blame Ms. Banfield for speaking a truth which many of you do not wish to hear, blame the criminals who gave her that platform to speak.

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