The Most Enticing Rock – By Shaun Reid

It is probably one of the most well known attractions along the famous Bog Walk Gorge in St Catherine.

This is truly a special rock, perhaps my favourite. It is somewhat unusual for a rock to be labeled an attraction but by merely beholding this natural wonder, it is easy to understand why it evokes tremendous interest and desire.

It also has an unusual name. Many persons are of the view that is bears a striking resemblance to the female external genitalia.

As a result, it is commonly referred to as the Pum Pum Rock by many Jamaicans. This is a special painting for me. It measures 14″x18″. 


I sincerely hope you will like it 🙂 I am a self taught artist who specializes in landscape paintings.

I also enjoy figurative, still life, flora/fauna, abstracts and portraits as well. I can be contacted via: Telephone: (876) 899 6218


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