CarsJA.Co | CarsinJamaica – An Idea Born From Passion is a website born from passion.

Its founder, Damar is a web developer with a great passion for Cars. Damar has always enjoyed researching cars online but was always dissatisfied whenever he tried to find information about the auto industry in Jamaica.

His passion for cars eventually compelled him to create a website for the Jamaican auto industry. The site which can be found at hosts various data and relevant information about the local auto industry.

Damar is now aggressively seeking passionate persons and auto businesses who would love to share their passion via the worldwide web and join forces in educating Jamaicans by sharing news about autos and auto related products.


Damar is confident that small auto niche businesses will find working with to be highly beneficial to their brand as they will be labelled as experts in their niche in Jamaica.


He gave us an example of how the CarsInJamaica platform can offer great benefits to passionate auto contributors ; “Let’s say for example you specialize in the selling and installation of motor vehicle transmissions, you should be in a position to provide information in a simple and understandable manner to your potential customers…. and after educating a potential customer you may be deemed as an expert which will eventually result in more sales, brand equity and brand loyalty.

Many large companies in the US have applied this strategy in their marketing and have cornered many industries and become experts and the leaders their niche.

I think smart business owners in Jamaica should utilise the the CarsInJamaica platform and start offering valuable information to potential customers.

Damar recalls frequently hearing the saying: “He who educates the market owns the market.”  The CarsInJamaica website also has a Car only classifieds for persons who are looking to buy and sell cars online and would like to extend their online marketing efforts.


Damar is excited to hear from passionate persons and can be contacted at [email protected]

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