The Jamaica Labour Party Wins!

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) on Thursday won Jamaica’s 17th general election after defeating the People’s National Party (PNP).

The JLP won 33 of the 63 available seats with the PNP winning the remaining 30.

The win represents the fifth time the JLP will be forming Jamaica’s government since the country gained independence in 1962.

The outgoing Prime Minister may soon relinquish her post as the the PNP’s president according to some political analysts.


Between the years 1944 to present, the Jamaica Labour Party has won eight elections to the People’s National Party’s nine.

Jamaica Labour Party 


1944: 22-5-5 (PNP won five seats and independent candidates five)

1949: 17-13- 2 (PNP won 13 seats and independent candidates two)

1962: 26-19

1967: 33-20

1980: 51-9


1983: (PNP did not contest so it was 60-0)

2007: 31-29

People’s National Party

1955: 18-14

1959: 29-16

1972: 37-16

1976: 47-13

1989: 45-15

1993: 52-8


1997: 50-10

2002: 34-26

2011: 42-21

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