A Step too Far, Everald Warmington…

Member of Parliament for South West St Catherine, Everald Warmington is once again under the spotlight of the media for yet another inappropriate comment.

In a House of Representatives session yesterday, Minister of Youth / Culture Lisa Hanna was jeering his remarks and he shot back at her: “Jezebel, shut yuh mouth.”

Warmington’s description of the Minister came as members of opposite sides of the floor threw insults back and forth after Labour and Social Security Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson announced that the minimum wage had been increased by $100 per day.

He was forced to retract his statement after Deputy House Speaker, Lloyd B Smith, ordered him to.


In my opinion, this man should be suspended from Parliament and fined for such a disparaging remark to a female member.

There is no excuse for a person in the House of Representatives to refer to another member as “Jezebel”.

I would even encourage Minister Hanna to slap a claim of defamation of character.

But Warmington’s boorish action reflects the behavior many of our Jamaican men display towards our women, the disdain and personal insults they hurl at us without their actions being sanctioned.

The worst offence against us from Jamaican men is the sliding up beside us on the streets and muttering some nonsensical phrases in an attempt to seek attention.

via jamaica-gleaner.com
via jamaica-gleaner.com

By Neo Makeba

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