Hypocrisy of the JLP Social Media Supporters

So the Health Minister sends out a warning as it relates to pregnant women and the Zika virus and suddenly ‘Labourites’  on social media are asking what is going on in PNP country.

 Mind you these were the same persons calling for Mr Ferguson’s head as it relates to the babies that died.

Now the Health Ministry puts out an alert and they still find fault?

What exactly is it that the JLP and its supporters want for JAMAICA?


Because so far, all I have seen them do is COMPLAIN, and in the midst of all this COMPLAINING, I have yet to hear Mr. Holness outline to the people of Jamaica how he intends to lead  them from POVERTY to PROSPERITY.

Common sense dictates that should this virus hit Jamaica, Jamaicans from all walks of life will be affected, as I have yet to hear of any disease or virus that is PARTIAL in whom it attacks.

how many people have internet in Jamaica, Internet in JamaicaTherefore it should be in the best interest of all Jamaicans, whether they be  PNP or JLP to take the necessary precautions to PROTECT themselves.

It is very sad that even in the face of such a serious situation that the ignorant and illiterate among us dare to draw political lines. 

The sad thing is if the Health Minister  remained SILENT about this issue and God forbid the virus ravages the island, these are the same hypocrites who would be calling for his head saying he did not do enough.

Yes indeed when it comes to JAMAICANS who can only see political affiliations, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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