Insufficient Staff for Jamaican Team at World Games

According to media liaison Dennis Gordon the 19 officials assigned to the team that will represent Jamaica in this year’s IAAF Championships in China is woefully inadequate.

Gordon, who is currently at the team training camp in Japan said currently there are only two massage therapists who will have to tend to 31 athletes and they are going to die of overwork while speaking with Irie FM.

He also said the cadre of medical staff that accompanies teams in the future will need to be increased as currently the team is in dire need of a chiropractor and more massage therapists.

Gordon stressed the importance of having a quality medical team if quality performances are expected.


The Jamaican team will head into Beijing at the end of the training camp on August 17 for the championships which runs from August 22 to 30.

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The JAAA recently released a full list of the 19 officials. See below:

Ludlow Watts (manager), Dave Myrie and Heleen Francis (assistant managers), Maurice Wilson (Technical Leader), Michael Clarke (Head Coach), Jerry Holness, Jermaine Shand, Paul Francis, Julian Robinson and lennox Graham (Coaches), Collin Turner, Gavin James, Nathaneal Davis, Damion Rowe, Everald Edwards (massage Therapists), Dennis Gordon (media liaison), Carl Bruce, Michael Douglas and Matthew Parchment (medical team).

Source: Irie FM

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