Jamaican Praised For Honesty in the British Virgin Islands After Turning Over Purse Packed With Money

A Jamaican man is now receiving high praises for his honesty after he returned a purse packed with money in the British Virgin Islands.

When Julan Brown left his home to hunt soldier crabs, he discovered the purse near a large bridge at Beef Island in the British Virgin Islands.

Julan, who is a professional boxer was out of money when he found the purse and jokingly stated “To tell you the honest truth, I was broke at the time. I was like, ‘God send something for me,” while speaking with BVI News.

Julan found approximately US $500 inside the purse and though he was strapped for cash, his conscience would not allow him to keep the money.


“When I looked through the purse, I saw documents like driver’s license, bank card, bankbook, names and stuff like that. I thought the owner probably is in a partner and has the money to pay off or something of the sort. So, I said I was going to find Roselyn Yvonne Andrew whose name was on the documents.”

Julan Brown via
Julan Brown via

Brown then reportedly took $15 from the purse to activate a local internet data plan which he then used to post the purse along with other pertinent information on his Facebook page as well as the BVI Community Board on the social networking site.

“I took $15 out of the purse because I didn’t have any money at the time. I later explained to the purse owner that I took the $15 to post the purse on Facebook so she could get back her belongings. I think it is over $500 that was inside in the purse,” he said.

Julan’s efforts were not in vain and he was eventually able to personally return the purse to its owner.

His virtuous deed has garnered a lot of attention in the British Virgin Islands. 

See comments posted by persons online below:

Good going! It still have some honest people in this so called religious community. God bless you young man.


i know this young man and his father, both honest people you see youths can be raised right even today!

Boxer Brown, I know you personally and I am very proud of you and the decision you made based on your upbringing. Your parents must be proud of you. As a fellow Jamaican, I say to you, do the right thing always and you better believe the Lord, Jehovah Jireh will provide. When I see you, I will have a smalls to give you.

The purse foudn by Julan via
The purse found by Julan via

Well done, Mr. Brown. I would say this finding the purse was a test of your integrity. You passed. God does have a plan for your life as you are already on the path, motiving others to be positive, and practicing what you preach.

Keep on the right path, and allow God to work His full purpose in your life.

Good job your mother taught you right. Mothers everywhere need to take note.


Source: BVI News

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