“Jamaica is Not a Team The US Should Be Losing To” Says Analyst After Defeat to Reggae Boyz (Video)

Via Fox Soccer
Via Fox Soccer

Jamaica and the United States have always had closely contested encounters on the football field.

Though the US have won most of their match-ups with the Reggae Boyz, they have for the most part been slender victories, usually by a single goal.

Many believe the US team also receives preferential treatment from referees whenever they battle Jamaica.

Over the years there have been numerous incorrect decisions by referees that have allowed the United States to either equalise or win games against Jamaica.


In the 2011 Gold Cup, the US player Jermaine Jones made a spectacular dive that resulted in  Jamaica’s Jermaine Taylor receiving a red card.

We can also never forget the 0-0 result in Jamaica on March 2, 1997 when Tom Dooley clearly pulled down Jamaica’s sublime midfielder Theodore Whitmore inside the penalty area and the referee ignored the appeals. Or, when Jamaican defender Ian Goodison was called for a penalty handball violation, which obviously occurred outside the penalty box allowing Eric Wynalda to score. Luckily  Deon Burton equalised for Jamaica two minutes later in the 50th minute in front of a jam-packed RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.

It is therefore understandable why many Jamaicans are perturbed when persons have unrealistic expectations of the US team thrashing Jamaica.

Check out this video by Fox Soccer and share your thoughts in the comments:

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See some comments by Jamaicans below:

This is not a team US should be losing to???????????????? Excuse me are we in the same confederation? s**k uno m**a. F******g rude. Didn’t you guys lose to Jamaica in WCQ?

I have no idea why people think U.S should automatically win against Jamaica. Jamaica has played very well this tournament and deserve to have the win over the U.S. Two clean and well executed goals by Jamaica.

First of all, I take insult to his statement about Jamaica Is not a TEAM to lose to. For his information, Jamaican soccer players have been hungry for the breakthrough, tired of losing, and we have a more focus, hardworking and determine set of players who is bent on going all the way. Accept defeat and move on, it’s part of life; LET’S HEART IT FOR THE BOYZ!!!!!

Am a Jamaican and i have to say USA played very well in the tournament and were favorites to win but Jamaica on the other hand played extremely well and has improved in defense and attacking. What’s wrong to losing to Jamaica?? Oh you’ll mad that they came out victorious. Any team can be defeated by a strong team and a weak team.

Instead of all the discrimination, the US should be thankful for getting a goal against such a defensive masterclass shown by Jamaica. The soccer ball is round, it doesn’t rest on one side, hence there’s no favorites in the game of soccer. 

And Mr Analyst, please don’t say these words again, “USA shouldn’t be losing to Jamaica”. Get some respect for yourself, other nations and for the sport.

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