How Well Do You Know Jamaica? Identify this Place

How well do you know Jamaica?

There are numerous places on this beautiful island many Jamaicans are not aware of and have never seen or explored.

This is one such place.

Hint: This spectacular site is located on the border of two parishes and is filled with rich history.


Various species of plants and animals can also be found here.

We deliberately tried to make identifying this place a little bit harder by not revealing too much in the clip.

Watch the short video below and let us know if you recognise this place in the comments.

Can you identify this place in Jamaica?
Can you identify this place in Jamaica?

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Khadine Lewis
8 years ago

prospect plantation

Desreine Taylor
8 years ago

Jamaica surprises me every day … I honestly never knew there were camels in Jamaica so therfore I can’t answer the question 🙂

Sheila Woollett
8 years ago

chukka cove

Raymond Malow
8 years ago

That video is of the Prospect Plantation Estate in St. Mary.

Paulette Goslin
8 years ago

Prospect Plantation, border St. Ann and St. Mary.

Theresa Ellington
8 years ago

Border St Ann and St Mary

Jane Issa
8 years ago

Camels must hate the humidity here

Sharon Williams
8 years ago

didnt know camel was in Jamaica

Lorna V. Gray
8 years ago

I do not and I did not know there are camels in Jamaica. When did they arrive???

Hugh McPherson
8 years ago

Prospect Plaintation St. Mary