Man Charged After Allegedly Withdrawing $500,000 From Faulty ATM

A banking glitch last year allowed a 50-year-old St Catherine man to withdraw over $500,000 form a faulty automated teller machine (ATM).

The Fraud Squad of the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Branch  charged the man with simple larceny after he refused to return the money.

According to the Gleaner, the man, Donovan Harrison, a machine operator of Cotton Piece district in Ewarton, allegedly withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars from a malfunctioning automated teller machine (ATM) and later refused to return the cash.

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It is alleged that between July and September 2014, a glitch allowed Harrison to withdraw in excess of $500,000 from an ATM.

After the fault was discovered, Harrison was asked to return the money but he refused to do so.

Harrison is to appear in the Half-Way Tree Resident Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, March 31.

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Joset Dell
5 years ago

Though the man committed an indirect act, the bank should have agreed to stand part of the lost, the man given the remainding should be granted as a loan. The bank manager should have notice this from the frist withdrawal as ATMs must be balance daily or weekly, the court should run out everyone.

Vanessa Kildare
5 years ago

Y didn’t he bring back the money? He knew it didn’t belonged to him. He just thought he wouldn’t be found. Now he’s in big trouble, silly man!!