Short Stories

The Sign

The security officer’s back was turned as I pushed the door.

He spun around, alerted by the impact of the door against his side. I gestured apologetically and entered, heading towards the concierge area. The Customer Service Agent hit me with an engaging smile and had me entranced for a minute. I stepped forward. Looking down at a sign beside her, I immediately started to imagine things about her that had nothing to do with my business.

She spoke softly and I was quickly drawn back to reality. I asked her to check my account for a deposit in which she stretched out her hand for my information card. Her hand was petite and delicate looking with soft hairs lying subtly on her skin. It made me look at the sign again! Her nails were impeccably done with a deep blue tone and white tips to complement her uniform. She wrote the balance, smiled and returned my card.

short story JamaicaI joined the line behind a lady in a bright yellow dress, talking loudly on her phone. Taking another glance at the sign beside the Customer Service Agent, I burst into a grin. A man who leaned on the counter noticed my actions and must have read my thoughts. We both laughed aloud looking at the sign which now touched the lady’s foot. Nobody paid us much mind, believing that we were just old friends greeting each other.


He turned, completed his transaction and stuffed a bundle of notes into his pocket. Pulling up his pants, he took a look towards the front desk at the sign then burst into a raucous laughter which trailed him outside the door. After getting through, I thanked the Teller, noted the time and headed out the door.

My mind ran back to the sign and I read it out mentally, thinking how we view signs differently and find such humour in everything written. I smiled with much anxiety and was a bit curious as to what the sign, SLIPPERY WHEN WET, meant.

Oakley PurpleHeart Lyle

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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Oakley Lyle

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