Riverton Dump and Health Issues

Speaking my mind again: Any one, government official or otherwise who would dare to suggest that the SMOKE affecting the people of Jamaica from the Riverton City dump will not cause health issues is a liar.

The DUMP has hazardous, toxic materials in it.

Not to mention the dead or diseased animals among other disgusting things.

Add to that the HAZARDOUS WASTE from hospitals and clinics and only a FOOL would make such a suggestion.

Put all that together with the fact that decent health care is not readily available to those who cannot afford the upscale hospitals and have to linger at KPH or UWI.

Image Source: jamaicaobserver.com
Image Source: jamaicaobserver.com

The corner looks very dark yet so many people are jumping up and down about President Obama’s visit to the island.

Here is a word of caution,the NEWS about the FIRE has already hit the airwaves overseas. 

It would be a total disgrace to have that toxic smoke still raging during his visit.

It is a disgrace that the citizens of Jamaica whose money pay these politicians have to put up with this.

And in the meantime you have JLP blaming PNP, and PNP blaming JLP, when the truth is both parties have sat on their laurels over the years and did nothing to solve the problem called RIVERTON DUMP.

Many want to pretend as if the issue is new. Hello, as long as politicians sit around and do not help to  provide jobs, as long as Jamaicans continue to vote and have no idea why they vote and what the votes mean, many more fires will rage at that dump.

So as Jamaicans maybe we need to stop singing the praises of Andrew and Portia and start thinking JAMAICA, and get up off our COLLECTIVE behinds and understand that this CRAP is only allowed to continue because THE PEOPLE ALLOW IT TO.

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George Bond

…for ANYONE to say there will not be health issues arising from the many tip/landfill fires at riverton shitty,oops sorry city dump would be very irresponsible indeed….the amount of cancer causing particulates emitting from the fires in the form of smoke and being breathed in by anyone within the pollution area may well cause a latent cancer/s.that wont be seen for several years……..the paper dust masks seen on people wearing them are NO protection at all….a waste of time………I see law suits.!…..successful ones…x

Junior Latibeaudiere

I entirety agree with you, make sence to me.