Was it Michael Manley or Edward Seaga and the CIA that Destroyed Jamaica?

Was it Michael Manley or Edward Seaga and the CIA that destroyed Jamaica?

I recently read an article published on this website titled “Mr. Manley Destroyed a Vibrant Jamaican Economy”.

When I read articles such as this one, I look for evidence to see the motive behind such rhetoric; such as where the author obtained his/her information or if the author has ulterior motives.

I don’t know much about Michael Manley’s politics or what he said , because I was not there, and he is not here to defend himself. But I will say this, based on my research and first hand information that I have gathered over the years about the powers that control the earth, the person who wrote this article is in my opinion uninformed, and miseducated.

Michael Manley (left) and Edward Seaga - Images via - jamaicaobserver.com
Michael Manley (left) and Edward Seaga – Images via – jamaicaobserver.com

He did not take the time to thoroughly research his subject before he made his accusations. Manley’s legacy has nothing to do with the condition of Jamaica today. Let’s begin with the basics for those who do not know about creating wealth/money/poverty in any country’s economy. GDP means Gross Domestic Product. The total market value of all final goods and services produced in any country by the people of that country or resources in a given year, which is equal to total consumer investment and government spending, plus the value of exports, minus the value of imports.

In other words what minerals or resources do Jamaica have or produce to generate money ( FIAT CURRENCY)? Sugar cane, coffee,cocoa banana,yam,grains,milk, meat,etc. Those things can be eaten. There is also Bauxite and Tourism. If none of these are available how does that Country generate Money ? Money is created by your energy ( your talent,labor, your inventions etc. ) When you sign your name to get credit, the Federal Reserve Bank has what is called Fractional Reserve Lending: the Bank submits your application to the FEDS. The feds in turn authorize the Treasury to print ten times the amount of your requested loan (ex.$5,000.treasure print $50,000 ) and the bank deposits the $5,000 you applied for in your bank account (digitally). You then pay interest on that amount, and in turn the Bank is left holding $45,000.00. At the end of the year they file what is called an 1099A (Abandonment ) form with the IRS. That means you the BORROWER/signer has Abandoned that $45,000, AND IT GOES TO THE BANK and its share holders.

That is the way it is all over the world with countries that take IMF LOANS. That said I wont go any further with that. Do your homework! Also, how many people are aware of the EU/WTO CAP ( to eliminate competition ) that was placed on Jamaican farmers and agriculture when they took the IMF LOAN under Edward Seaga and others in Jamaican politics?

Are people aware of the amount of beef, milk and dairy products that the Jamaican farmers had to dump under this cap policy ? Jamaica was forced from that moment to abandon its soverign right to produce its own beef, milk and other products, and had to buy foreign beef, dairy, and agricultural products under this EU/WTO pact which accompanies IMF loans.

Manley tried to avoid taking this loan because he knew what came with it and encouraged farming, because that is true wealth. This is why these devils devised this plan to take the resources of the world and leave you holding a false debt and some pieces of paper. The author also mentioned ‘first world country’. What is a first world country ? Today, people use the terms First or Third World to rank the development of countries or the strength of their economy. This is a pretty recent development, and veers away from the original usage of the terms, which were coined during the Cold War as part of a rough—and now outdated—model of geopolitical alliances. The term “First World” refers to so called developed, capitalist, industrial countries, roughly, a bloc of countries aligned with the United States after World War II, with more or less common political and economic interests: North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia.

Jamaica as an individual island does not fall in line with that idea. This author of this article is misinformed.

Blessed Love

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Eran Spiro

This is pure nonsense !

Horace Walker

That’s utter nonsense, Jamaica decline by over 25 percent under Michael Manley in the 1970s, look at what happen under Edward Seaga in The 1980s, a reversal of the decline of the 1970s. Now how can u explain that.. The United State was wary of a Jamaica that was aligned to communist Cuba, ant thus cut off all support to the country. get the facts

Henry Jamaica

Seaga a mi General !

Devon Ellis

What I don’t get, we continue to use the word “destroy” was there a war in Jamaica, or an earth quake, stop playing with the English Language, or you are just using this to make conversation. How many of you have been in a war, where have you travelled, have you been to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, those placed have been destroyed. Stop using the word destroy, if you don’t know the meaning. If you don’t like it in Jamaica, leave, you can go to any of the above countries I mentioned. Stop blaming the government for your greed, your love… Read more »

Jean-Ann Bartley

Clearly this writer isn’t old enough to know what really went on in this country. The last time the Jamaican economy grew in any meaningful and significant value under the PNP was during Norman Manley’s reign. In fact, many Jamaicans obscure Michael Manley’s charisma and charm for valour, and so, they praise the wrong Manley. During Norman Manley’s reign Jamaica was the fastest growing developing economy in the world. This growth continued into the 60s with Busta and Shearer. Our dollar was even worth more than the US$. No one should overlook the role the CIA played in Jamaica during… Read more »

Garnett D Greene

Don’t think we will get many objective opinions with these replies. Looks like most of them are falling along party lines. I left Jamaica as a boy in 1973 so I don’t have an informed opinion. Here’s what I do remember. I never had paper money in my hand for going to school. 25 cents was lunch money (bus fare, patty, drinks) while living in Kingston. I remember older ladies knocking on our gate looking for “days work” in order to support their families. We seemed to be a more honorable society then.

C.j. 'Laminin' Kerr

Sigh… here we go again the blame game… Funny how people would rate Castro and then talk bout how Jamaica under MM leadership was aligned with Cuba. Get the facts people do some reading. Bigger nations wanted to and continue to try and control smaller nations. MM did not want that for Jamaica; an island that would stand on it’s own and let the world know that them nah come run this ship… Again have you ever read on how North and South Korea are where they are… the invasion of 2 bigger nations cause that problem… Talk bout Seaga… Read more »

Kurt Hedmann

Manley was a charismatic leader, he would say things like “after two decades he was de whitened so I am black” he said that campaigning he took jamaica to the edge of communism, the night JLP won the Cubans left in the middle on the night, he openly invited the upper class job creating Jamaicans to leave remember five flights a day to Miami. Yes jamaica is a mess but I believe that no one person or party is to blame I feel that the corruption that festers in the political system in the island is to blame.

David Walcott

Malkoota Koodsha, your article, is informative, your explanation of GDP, bank loans. is refreshing, to us the man in the street, also there is no doubt, in my mind that the majority of Jamaicans, who read and understand your analysis, know that it’s, factual, great article, thanks a million! 🙂

Lloyd Pickout Dennis

yes man this is one bag a nonsense

Devon Ellis

Jean Ann- Bartley, I do think you’re totally confused, you missed the mark, and your argument is way too misleading. What I would love you to do, is do your homework. Jamaica is not mashed up, as some might say, Jamaica is suffering from what is called, balance of trade, if you understand economics. This happens when people like you and I decided that we no longer want to eat Goat or Chicken that we raised ourselves. So Company X, goes to the Bank of Jamaica, and gets a waiver; which allows them to buy the same thing you could… Read more »

Devon Ellis

How many of you remember those Jeeps, the ones that were given to the Jamaica Labor Party, by the United State Government, when you saw them coming, you had to run for cover.

Icar Prince

Jamaica decline started with the lack of foresight by our wel intentioned first leader, then coupled with undermining of the economy by cia and opposition government..

Patrick G. Perrin

There are many Jamaicans who remain unaware of the role played by the CIA in Jamaica in the late 70’s and early 80’s. But it is a matter of public record and we just have to Google CIA and Jamaica. Look also at a movie with the title “Controlling Interest” and you will hear from the mouths of the Bauxite exucutives, and other Transnational corporations’ executives how they exploited poor countries. Manley’s attempt to organize THIRD WORLD countries to stand together and try to dictate better trems of trade was the very action that marked him as a target for… Read more »

Nigel Gooden

Before we get to Seaga in 1980 the economy had already been destroyed by Manley in the 70’s. In 1971 Lee Kuan yew of Singapore visited Jamaica, a vibrant economy to see what he could use to transform Singapore. Manleys vague democratic socialism, telling business operators 5 flights a day if you want to leave etc led to capital flight. He was correct when he pointed out that bauxite supplies were finite but his bauxite levy raised production cost in Jamaica and made it less profitable for foreign investors, capital was relocated to other countries, retooling to modern equipment was… Read more »

Robyn Byrd

I invite you guys to check out the book scattered thunderbolts by h.charles Johnson, he’s a Jamaican author,his book highlights exactly what occurred during this era,I found it to be an exceptional read, quite an eye-opener.

Carmichael McDonald

I wouldn’t blame one or the other…both had failed policies for different reasons.

Leroy Smith

Nothing has done more damage to Jamaica than the Rastafarian cult. I remember when Michael Manley started giving them credene because reggae was taking the world by storm. I remember how upset I was because I saw what it was going to lead to. It was not progressive. As a young boy in the sixties I lived next to a home where a lot of Rastafarians use to hang out smoking weed. This group used the gcult as nothing but escapism. What kind of nation can you build when these become role models?

Devon Ellis

Leroy Smith, you’re one discombobulated, nymcomppoop. Here you go again with your Schizoaffective thinking, you sound quite delusional. You are certainly one of thse that didn’t go to school, or if you did, your comprehension skills are limited. I hate racist, and discriminatory speech, if you are living in the States, you must vote Republican…

Rosemarie Cameron-Byndloss

19 77 Michael Manley is the first Prime Minister to get I.M.F. What are you talking about?.

Malkoota Koodsha

This is my follow up to this article please take the time to read it,then do your home work dont listen to uninformed /unread people who have no nothing about the history of jamaica :I would like to add a second part to this fact-less article that Michael Manley Destroyed a vibrant economy , what i am about to say can be verified you just have to research . Any one that is informed or educated on the subject know that this statement has no facts to back this claim Let me set the record straight by giving you historical… Read more »

David Walcott

Extremely ironic!! Malkoota , continue to keep , those informative articles flowing .

Isaac N. Onywere

Who is the present CIA? How did the former Minister national security knew about matters of national interest while he was out of office. CIA!! what CIA!! we have CIA among us and the same people are in power now being used by IMF as a CIA. That is where the answer is.

Norman Redwood

Well said. You have done your home work.

D Marie Ball

Horace Walker, keep quiet my man, you do not have it right. Listen to Robert Christie and Danny Mattison.

Colin Young

I expected a deeper examination of facts, figures and events to carry the writer’s point forward. Perhaps I was hoping for a genuine article into which time and research were invested. It seems, in the end, to be just as shallow and opinionated as the article it claims to rebutt. I guess rather than an article it’s simply an entry in the writer’s personal blog. Thanks for sharing but not a very strong piece.

Patrick Mcdaniel

my facebuk frens we argue politics–but dont become venemous–lets agree to disagree–seen ?