‘Eye In the Sky’ – J’can Police to Utilize Drones to Help Fight Crime

Jamaica’s Constabulary Force intends to utilize drones to help curb crime in St. James.

According to RJR News, the proposed initiative dubbed “Eye In the Sky’ will enable the police to view crime scenes and hard to reach areas quicker and is expected to be implemented within six months.

The drones will have the capability to capture and send both audio and video to the police within seconds.

Places such as Cantebury, Flanker and parts of Norwood will be surveilled by the drones.


Detective Inspector Vernon Ellis confirmed plans to use drones in a recent RJR interview.

Do you think drones will help to curb crime in Jamaica? Let us know in the comments.

Image via Youtube
Image via Youtube

Source: RJR News

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George Bond
8 years ago

..if they are ONLY going to be used to monitor criminal activities I don’t have a problem with them but if they are used for ANY other intrusive government purpose there will be a big problem…and if information gathered is allowed to fall into criminals hands also a problem.!……snooping to see what someone owns legitimately is a BIG no no…..the constitutional question of a persons privacy has to be addressed…..don’t forget these things are vunerable to physical and electronic interference.!…….used strictly for anti crime yes….ANY other purpose no..x

April Howe
8 years ago

As long as it does not fall in the hands of criminal elements! ! No doubt it might because the security and police force is so corrupt.

Lawrence Douglas
8 years ago

The drones is not the problem , is corrupt police system, and the way the state make them think them untouchable , so if a police hide drones information him to pay for the crime , the person commit camera help in first class country