Jamaican Patrick Chung Earns Super Bowl Championship Ring

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They are totally impractical to wear and usually do not match with most outfits but a Super Bowl ring is the ultimate symbol of excellence in American Football.

They represent the pinnacle of a player’s career and are very difficult to attain.

Patrick Chung, a Jamaican born safety who plays for the New England Patriots did just that by earning himself a Super Bowl championship ring over the weekend.

He helped his team to record a 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49 on Sunday.


Chung was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1987 and is the son of Sophia George-Chung, singer of the 1985 Jamaican hit “Girlie Girlie”, and Ronald Chung.

He migrated to the United States with his family at the age of ten and started playing organized football at thirteen years of age.

Chung is understandably elated with his incredible achievement.

In a recent interview with the Portland Tribune he said:

“It’s something I’ve worked for my whole life. This is awesome. A lot of people criticized us, wanted to put certain things on us. Nobody can say anything now. We’re the best.”

Patrick Chung - Image Source:
Patrick Chung – Image Source:

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