We’re All In This Thing Together

Is there anyone else noticing how major businesses, financial marketplaces, conglomerates and global leadership are now smiling at and reaching out to little Jamaica?

Lending a helping hand even? That’s a lot of renewed confidence in us as a people and in the current government, we being so small and all.

 In recent times these very same had been trying to put as much distance between us and them as possible, drifting far away and wanting nothing to do with us and/or our troubles. Now it’s become fashionable to identify with what is taking place here in our idyllic habitat. . There must be some apparent integrity in the way our present gubernatorial team is handling business to justify this new surge of confidence. I find it hard to believe that the so called “hard to get around” companies and global leadership teams are seeing us so big and large and yet our very own cant, or is it that they REFUSE to see what this government is doing…AND ACHIEVING?They say our leader is not among the brightest, but if she is doing well and getting it done, WHO CARES!

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk
Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

It is my opinion that anyone who continues to fight and hit out against our leadership with lies, propaganda and not so subtle innuendos, (in light of all things positive that’s happening here)  has no true love for the country. They are merely talkers, simply for the sake of saying something, or being seen. Selfish and irresponsible, they exult in the sound of their own noises. Seems to me that it doesn’t matter to them how ridiculous and retarded they look in the bargain, as long as they manage to get their names mentioned in the media somehow.  Having nothing good to offer they create sensations and nine day wonder scenarios and scandals to discredit the government and in the process our people. This is okay with these shallow ones. Yes, the stench dies down eventually, because the bases for the stories are usually very shaky for the most part. But they don’t seem to realize that it pecks away at our national image, credibility and our confidence thereby robbing the people of hope.


Those predatory persons need to understand that in the long run, and regardless of party affiliation and maybe protection, they themselves are being ruined along with the rest of us. They need to exercise more restraint in the national interest. If we sink, we all sink, and if we swim we all swim. There is no special provision, nor insulation, made for the supporters of any specific party. Whether ecological, geographical, economical, or otherwise, a national disaster affects all of us negatively in one way or the other. Every new regime has a mandate to do better than its predecessors, regardless of party. True indication of its success should be apparent in our monitoring and observing positive changes, even if we do not yet feel the effects of it personally and individually. We know that somewhere soon it will start trickling down to us. We the people have several times been asked to make sacrifices so change could be effected…even been invited to “bite the bullet. ” and we have repeatedly done so. But never beforehave we experienced so much positive growth and energy in so short a space of time. This regime is creating records in positive and sustained growth and should be encouraged. Would we start a business for ourselves and shut it down just as it starts to yield rich rewards? I guess not. We would want to see how we could build on that positivity.

In like manner we should not seek to shut the doors on this government at this time but to encourage them to make a good thing even better. Let us exercise some restraint, at least for the duration of this electoral term and see how far they will take us.  So far, in recent years, no one has taken us very far forward, but significantly backward in many ways.  Both parties included in that quote.  This government has moved us from reverse into neutral and into start. Now as they gain momentum they are about to change into higher gear.  The choice is ours as a people. We can choose to allow them to continue working on our behalf and we swim together and try for the shore, or we can choose to become an unnecessary encumbrance around their collective neck and we all go down (drown)…together. We can be the authors of our own demise, or we can work together to get the job done and we all enjoy the rich fruits of success. The choice is ours.

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David Walcott
8 years ago

Ms. Ramdeen, you said it all, thanks.

A must read….

Angela Thornton
8 years ago

Some people will always have negative comments because they do not like the Prime Minister.

Benjamin Brown
8 years ago

Clearly you’re biased!! At least use your ethos to give a little bit of credit to the opposition then grovel at the hands of your masters…lol