15 Per Cent of Girls at J’can High School are Mothers says Education Minister

According to Jamaica’s Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites, 15 per cent of females at one Jamaican high school are mothers.

The minister made the shocking statement during The Gleaner’s online current affairs programme, On the Record.

Though he did not refer to the school by name, he said 120 females from the institution have at least one child.

Approximately 780 girls attend the institution.


The minister mentioned weak family structures and a cultural deficit as negative influences on youngsters and said pressure needs to be increased on schools to re-socialise children.

Two years ago Thwaites introduced a national policy for reintegrating young mothers into the formal school system.

That policy made it a requirement for schools to admit or readmit teenage mothers after they have given birth.

Image Source: informationng.com
Image Source: informationng.com

Source: The Gleaner

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David Walcott
7 years ago

Poor, parenting and and pear pressure!!

Patricia Cain
7 years ago

No educate yr men to stop treating women as sex objects for their pleasure and for men to take responsibility for their actions, these girls are only children themselves and have no chance in life once they have children themselves so they cycle goes on

Margaret Aitcheson
7 years ago

All of us need to help our children understand even prior to their teen years, how their future can be severely jeopardized and derailed by becoming parents too early before they can take proper care of a child. Also stress that they would have a more successful life if they attended to their education in order to fulfill their God-given potential. We should all be involved, we must all care.

Charles Groves
7 years ago

All of these cases should be thoroughly investigated to determine who the babies fathers are and in the event that the mothers are minors and the fathers are adults then the fathers should be prosecuted for rape.