Jamaica May Not Be the Paradise of Old, But it is No Hell!

I recently read an article on this website titled “When did my beautiful Jamaica become this hell”.

The writer claims that during a 2 week trip to the UK “quite a few people” upon realising the writer was from Jamaica expressed totally negative views of Jamaica.

I must take issue with that blog.

I have lived in the UK for almost 26 years and yes I am often asked where I am from, but not ONCE has anyone ever gone on to express sufficiently negative views to result in them saying they are “afraid” to visit. In fact it is fair to say 100% have ended each conversation with “Jamaica is on my Must do list”. And that is just those who have not already visited. The truth is it is now more normal to find that UK people have visited and absolutely love Jamaica.

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Just so that you understand the level of bile this writer shows towards Jamaica let me quote directly and then you judge for yourself whether he or she is describing the Jamaica you know and love……

“We are a society full of sick, depraved, violent people, who are lazy and not prepared to work and support themselves and have no regard for other people’s life. All they want is the next spliff, a money to buy “a food” and a money to buy the next outfit to attend a funeral or dancehall”

Who is this person speaking about? Where are they from? What is the context to these comments?

Let me be clear. Jamaica may not be the paradise of old, but I strongly refute these types of comments. While some of you nod in grim agreement to this drivel, I am forced to wonder what is this writers true agenda.

Last summer I took to Jamaica a young lady from St. Lucia. It was her first every trip to Jamaica and she openly expressed doubts about what she would see. Make no mistake those doubts were not based on what she heard about Jamaica, but get this….they were based on how she saw UK black people who claimed Jamaican heritage acting in the UK.

Imagine her surprise when she turned up in Jamaica only to find a total absence of dreadlocks smoking weed idly on every street corner. Or almost no women dressed for bashment with ghetto girl earrings and pink hair walking down every street. Her visible surprise at the welcome EVERY Jamaican gave her the moment they found out she was from a sister island.

I remember an incident when we stopped for a meal in Ziggys on Twin Gates plaza. When the lady serving the food found out she was not used to Jamaican food, she GAVE her a sample of every dish to try…FOR FREE.


That is the Jamaica I know. My family lives in Jamaica as will I sooner rather than later and I am disgusted that ANYONE would attempt to paint such a dire picture of my island and we simply…click ‘like’.

We must not campaign against our island.

Paul Lawrence

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