Is the JLP a ‘Yes Man’ Party?

For Mr. Warmington to suggest that CRITICS of Mr.Holness should STEP ASIDE, speaks volumes about what is taking place in the party of Bustamante.

I was not aware that Mr. Holness was God and that no one should dare be critical of him lest they draw the wrath of people like Warmington.

Is this the party that really expects to LEAD Jamaica to victory in the next election?

By trying to SILENCE the voices of those who have a right to speak under the constitution?


The HYPOCRISY is that many stones have been thrown by JLP SUPPORTERS at the PNP to the point where said JLP supporters have labeled the PNP as NAZI’S.

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But is the JLP based on the sentiments of Warmington not echoing the same NAZI tactics here?

Does Andrew Holness much like Portia Simpson-Miller not work for and behalf of the people of Jamaica?

So why should he be held to a different standard?

Mr. Warmington and those who think like him should be ashamed of themselves for even echoing those sentiments.

Andrew Holness is NOT above criticism. Get over yourselves. And if he expects to get the votes from the CITIZENS OF JAMAICA then he darn well better get used to the fact that JUST like all those before him, if people feel he is not up to par to LEAD, then they will very well say so without having to feel guilty.

It is his job to prove that he has what it takes to do so, not for us to WORSHIP at his feet and pretend otherwise.


I would suggest that Mr. Warmington and those who seemingly think that people do not have the RIGHT to exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, understand that their utterances do more harm than good at this point.

Bustamante must be rolling in his grave.

Michelle Bradshaw

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