Children Being Used for Satanic Sacrifices According to Church Leader

In 2014 nearly two thousand children (1,984) were reported missing in Jamaica.

While the vast majority of those missing children (over 90%) have returned home, many have not been found.

If one senior church leader’s claims are correct, some of these missing children could be associated with underground organisations carrying out satanic practices.

According to the Observer, the clergyman, Errol Rattray, president and CEO at Errol Rattray Evangelistic Association, said religious leaders in Jamaica have received reports that the practice of blood sacrifice or satanic sacrifices was being carried out in Jamaica.


priest“Based on our (church leaders’) knowledge some of those children who have gone missing are being used for satanic sacrifices,” said Rattray, who has more than 30 years under his belt as a religious leader in Jamaica.

Yesterday, another clergyman who asked that he not be named said the claim should not be ignored as the Bible speaks about the issue.

“The Bible says people should not to be ignorant of the devil and his devices,” said the religious leader, who pointed out that there was a dark side that exists in society that a number of Christians were fearful of speaking about.

Yesterday, an Assistant Commissioner of Police George Quallo, when contacted by the Jamaica Observer, said he had no knowledge of the reported acts.

“I cannot speak for other areas, but as far as I am aware we (police) in Area 4 have no knowledge of such practices,” said ACP Quallo.

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Source: Jamaica Observer

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