Jamaica to take Major Step towards Decriminalisation of Weed

According to Justice Minister Mark Golding, Jamaica is to take a giant step towards the decriminalization of ganja.

The Dangerous Drugs Amendment Act 2015 is slated to be introduced to parliament shortly and will pave the way for the decriminalisation of marijuana

North East St Elizabeth MP Raymond Pryce, who has for some time favoured decriminalisation, was pleased with the announcement, saying it is the clearest sign yet of the Administration’s intention to have established in Jamaica a legitimate Ganja Industry in Jamaica.

The minister also said “The Human Rights issues are addressed, the Research and Medicinal opportunities are addressed, the Enterprise potential has also been appropriately addressed in the Bill”.

weed free up legal decriminalise in Jamaica 2015
Image Source: vice.com

The new bill will include provisions for a Cannabis Licensing Authority. It will also contain a mechanism which will allow for removal a of the attachment of a criminal record for simple possession of ganja.

Meanwhile the Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Taskforce, (CCMRT) says it is pleased at Cabinet’s bold move towards ganja decriminalisation and the establishment of a legal and regulated medical ganja regime.

Taskforce Director, Delano Seiveright says it expects the measures to be passed in Parliament in short order.

“The development is long overdue and comes after years and in recent times, heavy pressure from what is now a diverse and broadening group of stakeholders on human rights, social, economic, scientific and medical grounds,” Seiveright said.

Source: Loop Jamaica

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David Walcott
7 years ago

Long overdue!!!!!

Sandra Peters
7 years ago

Yes that is great, if I have the chance to cultivate ganja I would, better then cane, better then degging down the mountains and killing the trees in Jamaica. The are many products that can be made from ganja. Wake up Jamaica we started it , let’s lead and let everyone else fallow.

Karen Goodall
7 years ago

Face it…. Jamaica is famous for weed…it is a natural resource…..weed is legal in nuff places and they are making a boat load of money off it.in other countries….while we suffer and beg tourist to come…….we can do what Amsterdam do…and give the tourists a weed visa…lol…..create jobs for the youth….let them start farms or stores……nuff possibilities

Dipak Shrestha
7 years ago

like the page weed palace then you see how many type of weeds available around the world.

Dipak Shrestha
7 years ago

why you drink and drive just smok weed and fly away,hehehehehehe