Jamaicans and the Truth

So both Mr. Daryl Vaz and Mr. Damion Crawford are under fire from fellow Jamaicans because BOTH dared to SPEAK A TRUTH.

A truth which no one seems to want to hear. Mr Vaz as a member of the JLP had the AUDACITY it seems to suggest that the JLP is in need of help, and Mr. Crawford as a member of the PNP had the AUDACITY it seems to suggest that Jamaicans should MIGRATE, seek better JOBS in other countries,and send home the money through REMITTANCES in order to HELP JAMAICA.

Both men spoke a TRUTH which the die hard supporters from either side DO NOT WISH TO HEAR.

They have grown so accustomed to LIES and EMPTY PROMISES that even when the TRUTH is staring them right in the face they chose to deny it.


Even the BLIND can see that the JLP is in need of SERIOUS HELP as the LEADER does not seem to know where he is going, much like the PNP’s leader who claims to be leading now.

Daryl Vaz (left) and Damien Crawford (right) - Photos via: jamaicaobserver.com
Daryl Vaz (left) and Damion Crawford – Photos via: jamaicaobserver.com

How quickly those who support the JLP seem to forget the cries for “CALL IT ANDREW CALL IT”, and the outcome after the ELECTION.

There are those who wish to SILENCE people when they speak in a SAD ATTEMPT to PRETEND that all is well within the JLP.

Those who can THINK for themselves and are not easily led can see that all is not as KOSHER as some would want us to believe.

Now when the Junior Minister of the PNP can say that Jamaicans need to MIGRATE to seek BETTER JOBS, that is an INDICATION that this present government is not doing well either, and anyone who can deny this FACT is LOST.

But he also spoke the TRUTH, and instead of UNDERSTANDING THAT TRUTH, he too is under fire for saying it, because according to the tribal laws of politics in JAMROCK, YOU DARE NOT SPEAK UP OR SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE PARTY YOU ARE AFFILIATED WITH.

As far as SOME Jamaicans are concerned that is Treason. See how SAD as a people we really are?


That even when the truth is SPOKEN we put PARTY FIRST and BLIND our EYES to the HARSH REALITIES facing us morning, noon and night.

I say to both Mr. Vaz and Mr. Crawford, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, NO MATTER THE COST.

Those who wish to hear will.

Those who continue to deny it in the face of love for politician and political party do so to the DETRIMENT of both PEOPLE and COUNTRY.

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Dian D. Hines Thunig
8 years ago

(Jamaicans should migrate and send money back home )The dependent beg beg mentality
.Teaching those who can’t run to be independent, by creating opportunities is the way to build a nation not taking hand outs left right and center

Joyce Hayden
8 years ago

Yes they all short changed us begins with independent and even now our PM is lobbying to finish us by talking about removing Her Royal Highness Our Queen entirely as our Head of State the final nail to travel to and from the UK freely and they can’t help the people. Wat a evil no even this gentlemen that is now on the island after so many years in the UK cant go back to the home he new I am telling those political leaders leave alone those laws on the book that give freedom of travel to the people.Recant… Read more »

Wealthy Yute
8 years ago

There’s no denying some truth to his words, However, i believe that we need to focus on building the national and with innovative and new ideas to create jobs , wealth and prosperity instead of being dependent on established countires

Paul Tomlinson
8 years ago

The Ministers of both parties are only expressing what a lot of the “Articulate Minority’ already know and blogged or tweet – this country is occupied by the frustrated, lead by the clueless & raped by the mindless. The only economic activity that is holding this country together is the overseas remittances that floods the economy keeping the liquidity active. Until We and I mean Jamaicans understands that the plantation style dependency on Mama P and Brother Andrew to deliver us from evil is only a cherished dream and if we want to come out of this economic stupor we… Read more »

Tracey McGann
8 years ago

The truth is not a sin its an offence

Humphrey McDonald
8 years ago

They are speaking the TRUTH but whenever Jamaican migrate and return home they are classified as RUN-AWAY, BETRAYAL,and FOREIGNER. NOT Jamaican, and they are treated differently.

Christopher Palmer Sr.

Jamaica needs a different way

Williams Christina
8 years ago

The Queen of England needs to take back the island of Jamaica!! Ever since Jamaica gets independence by their own black people, Jamaica being destroyed in the gutter of the hands black people!!

Joyce Hayden
8 years ago

We need a celebrity from Jamaica who the people love and will follow to open a twitter account calling we the people to follow in a referendum against the policies of the fail power and a return to the monarchy in petition the Queen to reverse the independent of 1962.We the people need to look after our future for us and our children before it is too far gone.The British loves Jamaica I am sure it will be better run.

Kart Derrick McLennon
8 years ago

Paul Tomlinson has spoken! Jamaica needs to produce. We, Jamaicans, have some of the brightest and best minds in the world, but something is misssing: vision, foresight, and blind political allegiance, which by themselves are harmful. Where are the statesmen? the Norman Manleys & Bustamantes? Tears come to my eyes every time when I hear leaders in government referring to the ” remittance industry.” Yes, it is good that relatives and friends abroad are sending parts of their income to help loved ones and families… but it should never be considered as an industry to be a national dependent. It… Read more »

Myy Lyfe
8 years ago


Gerald ChuckNaris Guy
8 years ago

i dont think the issue is who is saying it, it is what they are saying. as far as an jamaican would interpret it, if you know any better leave, and when i leave, stay gone. Push ur country to grow, dont tell them to beg and give back. No true potential will settle for jamaica BS.

JJ Spontaneous Harrison

well ive always said even a lie can become the truth with constant repetition and this just goes to show that the years of ur leaders lying and deceiving us has taken a toll on our country ……

Roy Wade
8 years ago

Truth !! What truth is there in asking Jamaicans to leave to better another mans country at the demise of his/her own. When will we stop settling for second best or seeing a VISA as the ultimate ALTERNATIVE. At what point will individual Jamaicans start taking responsibility for their actions. The leaders are of the people and the people chose the leaders so why can’t we ever do better!!

Nerril Henry
8 years ago

most of us would like to pay our way in that we have our little job where we collected our little much and do whatever we want with it …everybody have their own expenses whether home or over seas …so its hard to be waiting on someone to take on your responsibility in that way …many of us want to earn our way …..i agree with mr. vaz even the blind can see that andrew you need whole heap of help from them man deh.so think seriously about it …cause at the end of the day ..the buck stop with… Read more »

Carlton Injector Spencer

A normal worker at McDonald’s in the us works 8.13 US per Hour, that is 936.94 JA dollars per hour. That’s 7495.52 JA Dollars per day, 37477.6 Ja Dollars per week and 149910.4 JA Dollars per month. Why should those that can go and get the better jobs overseas stay here and turn CRUFF?