Jamaicans and the Truth

So both Mr. Daryl Vaz and Mr. Damion Crawford are under fire from fellow Jamaicans because BOTH dared to SPEAK A TRUTH.

A truth which no one seems to want to hear. Mr Vaz as a member of the JLP had the AUDACITY it seems to suggest that the JLP is in need of help, and Mr. Crawford as a member of the PNP had the AUDACITY it seems to suggest that Jamaicans should MIGRATE, seek better JOBS in other countries,and send home the money through REMITTANCES in order to HELP JAMAICA.

Both men spoke a TRUTH which the die hard supporters from either side DO NOT WISH TO HEAR.

They have grown so accustomed to LIES and EMPTY PROMISES that even when the TRUTH is staring them right in the face they chose to deny it.


Even the BLIND can see that the JLP is in need of SERIOUS HELP as the LEADER does not seem to know where he is going, much like the PNP’s leader who claims to be leading now.

Daryl Vaz (left) and Damien Crawford (right) - Photos via:
Daryl Vaz (left) and Damion Crawford – Photos via:

How quickly those who support the JLP seem to forget the cries for “CALL IT ANDREW CALL IT”, and the outcome after the ELECTION.

There are those who wish to SILENCE people when they speak in a SAD ATTEMPT to PRETEND that all is well within the JLP.

Those who can THINK for themselves and are not easily led can see that all is not as KOSHER as some would want us to believe.

Now when the Junior Minister of the PNP can say that Jamaicans need to MIGRATE to seek BETTER JOBS, that is an INDICATION that this present government is not doing well either, and anyone who can deny this FACT is LOST.

But he also spoke the TRUTH, and instead of UNDERSTANDING THAT TRUTH, he too is under fire for saying it, because according to the tribal laws of politics in JAMROCK, YOU DARE NOT SPEAK UP OR SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE PARTY YOU ARE AFFILIATED WITH.

As far as SOME Jamaicans are concerned that is Treason. See how SAD as a people we really are?


That even when the truth is SPOKEN we put PARTY FIRST and BLIND our EYES to the HARSH REALITIES facing us morning, noon and night.

I say to both Mr. Vaz and Mr. Crawford, SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, NO MATTER THE COST.

Those who wish to hear will.

Those who continue to deny it in the face of love for politician and political party do so to the DETRIMENT of both PEOPLE and COUNTRY.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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