Superstitious Beliefs in Jamaica

If a woman is pregnant, she should not look at a dead body or her baby will die.

A pregnant woman should not look at a disfigured person or feel sorry for them, or the child will be born with some resemblance to the object of her pity.

If a baby boy looks like his mother, then he’ll be lucky. If a girl looks like her father, she too will be lucky.

If a person dreams about a nest full of eggs it means riches.


If you dream about a wedding, there’s going to be a funeral.

If a man dies with his eyes open, someone else in the family will die soon afterwards.

superstition-JamaicaDreams about death mean someone will be born into the family.

The mournful howling of a dog at night means that someone will die soon.

If a house is swarmed by ants it means that someone will die.

To prevent misfortune, a person who is building a house must kill a fowl (chicken) and pour its blood along with white rum on the ground at the four corners of the building.

The number 13 is bad luck.


If a bug drops dead in front of someone, it means that some misfortune will happen to that person.

If someone is eating and a bit falls from his or her mouth, it is believed that a dead relative knocked it out for himself.

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Source: Jamaica Information Service in commemoration of National Heritage Week 1998.

ISBN 976-633-028-X

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